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Northland Field Days
2021 Food Vendor Application Form

Thank you for applying to be a Food or Coffee Vendor at our event!
Please read each of the following sections carefully and complete all the required details.
Applying to be a Food Vendor at the Northland Field Days does not automatically mean your application will be accepted. We need to ensure we have plenty of variety and therefore our Catering Committee reviews and then approves/declines applications - you will be notified within 4 weeks (if not sooner!) of their decision.

Below we require your contact details so that we can quickly contact you if necessary. Other than your Company Name, this information is not shared with anyone else unless we get your written permission.
We COURIER out the passes that you require to get into the event site so we need a PHYSICAL address to send these passes and other event-related information to. Our courier will not deliver to PO Boxes.
We know that you want to tempt our tastebuds right from the get go but we only have limited space in this form, please just give us a real basic description of the type of food/beverages you sell (i.e. burgers, hot chips, tacos, coffee, icecream, seafood etc etc) We will get more descriptive information from you in due course which is what the public will see in our advertising. If you run out of room in the first box, please continue in the next box.
This information is really important! We have limited space availability in each of our three Food Courts which is why we need to know exactly how big your food caravan/trailer is. We set up food court layout plans well in advance of the event based on the information given to us by all food vendors and we do not want vendors turning up expecting more space than what they have originally advised us of.
As this is probably the most important information that we need from you we are simply asking for now if you require power or not and if you answer YES then we will contact you for further information in due course.

For your information, all of our power points are set up as 10amp, single phase which is fine for most of our exhibitors however some food vendors need a bit more grunt for their electrical appliances and the last thing we want is for you to be rearing to go but when you switch everything on, fuses blow and no one has power so you must respond to our email that you will receive in due course regarding power requirements!
Many of our exhibitors are issued with a business Credit Card to use at events and they like to know which Food Vendors accepts credit card payments. The general public also like to know who accepts eftpos payment.