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Northland Field Days
Food Vendor Registration Form

Thank you for applying to be a Food or Coffee Vendor at our event!
Please read each of the following sections carefully and complete all the required details.NOTE: If you require more than 1 food site, you must complete a registration for each site required
Below we require your contact details so that we can quickly contact you if necessary. We will email you a confirmation of receipt within a day or two of you submitting this registration.
We know that you want to tempt our tastebuds right from the get go but we only have limited space in this form, please just give us a brief description of the type of food/beverages you sell (i.e. burgers, hot chips, tacos, coffee, icecream, seafood etc etc) We will ask for more descriptive information from you in due course which is what the public will see in our advertising. If you run out of room in the first box, please continue in the next box.
We would prefer food vendors did not use generators at our event. All vendors have access to ONE 10amp single phase power point but we are able to arrange extra power or a different type of power (i.e 3-phase or Caravan Plug) for an additional $60 if required but we need to know about this well before the event! Please click on the arrow in the box below and select the most appropriate option that relates to your requirements:
Not many people go out with cash these days, most transactions are either by eftpos or credit card and many of our exhibitors use their company credit or debit cards to purchase food etc