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The information you provide in this form is strictly confidential and will never be shared with your employer or any third parties without your express permission. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy

Have you applied to our charity before?
Please note: all re-applications to FTCT will need to be at least 12 months since your last grant was awarded. You will also need to demonstrate how you meet our current criteria, as shown above.
Your fashion and textile employment history

Please select the statement below which describes your fashion and textile employment.

Note: the start of your employment must have been within the last 9 years and you must have worked for at least 1 year or more.

Employer details

Please tell us the name of your current OR previous employer in the box below.

If you've worked for this employer for less than one year, please provide details of your other employment in the fashion and textile industry in the ‘Your family situation’ box below in this enquiry form.

Your child's details

Please list your child's details here.

If you need financial support for your other children (aged less than 18 years) please provide the total number in the box below and list their full details in the ‘Your family situation’ box below in this enquiry form.

What benefits do you receive?

Note: ALL applicants must be receiving Child Benefit for the child who needs a financial grant.

Please select any of the benefits that your family is currently receiving from the list below. You can select multiple options.

Your details
We will use these details to contact you and discuss next steps in your enquiry and application.
Your family situation

In the box below, please provide information for each numbered point.

Please cover each point below, giving as much information as possible. This is so our grants team determine whether we can email you an application form to complete.

If you do not address each point we may need to get in touch with you again, which will delay your enquiry.

1. Please give details of your other children aged 18 years and under (not listed in ‘Your child’s details’ above). Please provide their full names, ages and details of any health or additional needs they may have.

2. Tell us about your financial difficulties (eg. any debt or arrears you have, etc) AND what has led to this situation (eg. a sudden change in circumstances).

Note: If your household income has been reduced due to coronavirus, please tell us exactly how and what impact this is having on your finances

e.g. please tell us if you or your partner have been: laid-off, put on furlough, had your hours reduced, lost significant self employed income, aren't entitled to sick pay while self isolating, had to take unpaid leave to care for your children/relative or another circumstances not listed here and how this has affected your financial situation.

3. Tell us how the items you would like funding for would help your situation and improve your children's health and wellbeing.

What would you like funding for?

These are the items we typically fund. If any main/additional items you consider essential are not on this list, please select 'Other' and list these items in the 'Family Situation' box above


We DO NOT fund household bills, food costs, nappies or replace salary payments. Please only request essential items on this list.

How did you hear about our charity?
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