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National Small Business Association Membership Application

Please fill out this form to join the National Small Business Association
Contact Information
Area of Expertise
As an advocacy organization, we always are interested in identifying members who have knowlege about small business issues. Please check if you have expertise in the folllowing small business areas
Issue 1-Budget-Deficit
Issue 2-Tax
Issue 3-Health
Issue 4-Access Capital
Issue 5-Regulations
Issue 6-Workforce-Education
Issue 7-Energy
Issue 8-Federal Contracting
Issue 9-Labor Law
Issue 10-Tort Reform
Issue 11-Exporting
Issue 12-Immigration
Issue 13-IT-Intellectual Property
Media Outreach
Please indicate if you are willing to do media outreach
Media-Op Ed
Media-Speeches Groups
Media Interviews-Radio
Media Interviews-TV
Issue Committees (Optional)
If you are interested in getting more involved in NSBA's legislative and advocacy work for small business, committees are a great place to get started.Please indicate which committees you would like to serve on
Committee-Economic Development
Committee-Environ -Regulatory Affairs
Committee-Health Human Resources
Payment Information
Please submit payment information to complete your membership registration in the National Small Business Association. Membership dues are 75% deductible for federal tax purposes. Dues are based on your number of employees.
1-9 employees $250
10-19 employees $450
20-49 employees $750
50-99 employees $1250
100-249 employees $2450
250+ employees $5500
Small Business Exporters Association- Add $50 per year
Small Business Technology Council-Add $50 per year